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What are some essential safety tips in working with mining machinery?

Working within the mining industry can be potentially dangerous. After all, there are a lot of big equipment and machinery on site in any mine in Australia. Not to mention the tons of rock and earth that are being moved around could easily crush you if you are not careful. But with all of the safety risks that are inherent in the mining industry, it is obvious that the payoff of those risks is more than worth it. Mining in Australia counts for a significant portion of the gross domestic product. So it is important that mining continues, despite some of the hazards that are involved. But that does not mean that you have got to be in danger every time you are near some mining machinery. There are a few safety tips that you can follow, which can significantly reduce the dangers involved in mining.

Be alert and attentive

One of the most obvious things that you should be doing, while you are working with heavy mining machinery, is to be attentive to what is going around you. Try to be aware of what sorts of equipment and machinery are being driven or switched on.

Wear the right safety gear

If you are on-site at a mine, you should be wearing the right safety gear. This means donning high visibility clothing so that people can easily spot you. Do not forget to wear boots that are steel-toed, and wear your safety helmet too.

Only let trained professionals handle the machinery

It takes more than just a drivers license to be certified for using an earth mover, excavator, or any other kind of mining machinery. This kind of equipment used needs years of training. And only those that are qualified should attempt to operate these big mining machines.

Do not get off moving machinery

You are putting yourself in a lot of danger if you try to get on or off a moving vehicle whenever you are mining. It may be going slowly, but you could still get hurt because the gears or moving parts of the vehicle could get snagged on you.

The seatbelt could save your life

If you are driving an earth mover or excavator, you should always wear your seatbelt. You may not be going at high speed, but your seatbelt could save you in the event of a collapse, crash or some other kind of incident.

Be sure to follow all of these tips to the letter whenever you are near any heavy mining machinery. This is also true for anyone that is operating the mining equipment themselves. You can reduce the chances of an accident occurring if you are just careful and keep all of these safety tips and guidelines in mind. If you take a look at the mining accidents that have happened in Australia in the past few years, most of them occurred because of negligence or human error. So you have got to be focused and alert whenever you are working on site within a mine.