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What are some widely used pieces of mining equipment?

When it comes to working within the mining industry, there is certain essential equipment that has got to be used. These kinds of equipment are needed because it makes mining way safer and also much easier. It would not be possible for the average person to mine safely and conveniently without the use of these kinds of mining equipment. And not only does it provide safety to the miners and engineers that are working within the mining industry, but using the right equipment can also speed up the process of mining. So it is crucial that everyone is working or part of the mining industry knows about the following essential equipment.

Earth Movers

The most obvious kind of machinery or equipment that you need at a mine is some way to move the tons of dirt and rock that are dug up. And those are where the earth movers come in. These kinds of equipment and machinery can be trucks, bulldozers, or even in some cases, specialized gigantic vehicles. The main job of these kinds of mining equipment is to move the dirt and rock out of the way so that the precious metals underneath the earth can be extracted.


Some earth cannot simply be moved by excavators. Hard kinds of rock, such as bedrock, need to be drilled through. And this is probably standard mining equipment that you are thinking about. Mining drills can come in all sorts of sizes, depending on how big the mine is, or how hard the rock is as well.


In certain cases, wherein the rock is just too hard to drill or dig through practically, there would be the use of a blaster. This is a kind of controlled dangerous equipment that is used on-site in working mines. Normally, they would be used to create holes or weaken the rock so that a drill or an excavator can easily move the rock away or break through it.


Metals and minerals are not just sitting there in the dirt; they need to be extracted out of the hard rock. And there is where rock crusher equipment is used. These kinds of machinery crush the rock so that any metal or minerals that are embedded or found within the rock can be easily extracted quickly and efficiently.

Remember to be aware of all these types of equipment especially if you are new to the mining industry. If you take a look at any mine in the country of Australia, you will notice the presence of all of this equipment being used on site. There isn’t a working mine in the country that does not have at least all of these kinds of equipment or machinery on site. It would not be possible to mine any mineral or metal without the use of this equipment. So the next time that you go to the mine, you may want to pay close attention and see if you can spot these kinds of equipment.