About DMC Mining

Target Commodity:

Location: Western Australia

DMC holds has a combined experience of over 100 years in the mining and exploration industry, experience in delivering results for our investors and partners.

Our modern approach to nickel exploration will result in a more streamlined and cost efficient process that will ultimately deliver higher returns for investors.

Our Capital structure is attractive to new investors and highly leveraged to success.

We have upcoming news flow with several imminent catalysts for the company (drilling & geophysics).

DMC has a highly credentialled Board and senior management team with a track record of delivering returns to shareholders.

Nickel Exploration

Nickel has become one of the most valuable mined commodities and plays major contribution to modern life. To name a few applications, it is used in Electric vehicles, batteries, stainless steel, buildings and infrastructure, chemical production, communications, energy supply and more.

Current Holdings

DMC holds one of the largest tenement packages (~880km2) of any Junior Explorer in the Fraser Range. (DMC 100% on all projects).

Current Projects

We have a range of exciting projects underway in two prolific nickel sulphide prospective areas at both Ravensthorpe, and Fraser Range. We hold one of the largest tenement packages in the Fraser Range by any Junior Explorer. Please visit our investor page for more information.