Fire Safety Equipment for Mining

What are the types of Fire Safety Equipment Queensland promote?

All of us should be aware and knowledgeable about fire safety equipment so we can be prepared if there are any fortuitous event to happen. We should be guided and introduced to its uses and how these equipment function so we know what to do. There are some instances that there’s fire happening and you saw an extinguisher but unfortunately you have no idea how to use it. That scenario makes everything useless. We have to always think that accidents happen everywhere and it would be your edge if you are knowledgeable enough to respond to each difficult situation.

Now, if you know everything about these lifesaving fire safety equipment; you can be confident that no matter what happens you are prepared and securely can make your family safe too. Fire safety equipment Queensland  provide durable and high-end equipment use to aid fire and promote a strong influence in busting the loss of life and property brought by fire.

Apparently, they have all the necessary safety equipment all of us would need. They provide free briefing and orientation for the do’s and don’ts in using those equipment. So, you’ll going to be sure that you are not just compliant to the metrics mandated by authorities but you are teaching yourself to save lives. They are known to be the leading supplier of fire safety equipment and can help you enforce an excellent system that suits your budget and needs. They exercise proper installation and monitoring scheme for fire prevention. They also can help you plan the perfect fire safety system in your area. Here are the types of fire safety equipment leading useful that they offer. Fire extinguishers are designed to combat flames before they can spread and become uncontrollable. Fire sprinklers also respond so promptly and functions to reduce flames and heat so as to the smoke present in the area. Most fire safety equipment Queensland has a standard installation, design and maintenance specifically made for sprinklers depending on your area or type of building. Fire hose discharge water to clash fire and usually have reels wound in to control electrical fire.

Another type of fire safety equipment is smoke alarm. This equipment is basically designed for smoke detection. Buildings, hotels and other establishments should install smoke alarms for compliance and awareness to clients, guests and employees. This equipment should be present at home too. First aid kits should be included in our must-haves and we already know how important it is. We should not also forget the emergency exit sign and must be familiar with signage which will provide as the necessary direction during fire. We have to consider following and familiarizing emergency exit lights to control ourselves from intensive panic and guide us to the appropriate exits. There are many types of fire safety equipment projected to different classes of fire in the environment. We just have to take time to know them and should participate in seminars and fire drills. Therefore, we should always remember that prevention is better than cure.

Working At Height Solutions in the Mines

Important Things That Matters

Working at heights is one of the usual reasons for major injuries and fatalities in Australia and around the world. Falling through fragile areas and ladders are two of the most common causes of accidents. Proper precautions are advised to minimise untoward accidents. In this article, simple and practical measures will be discussed to reduce the risk of anything related to this type of work.

What do you need to do?

It is necessary that work is properly supervised, carried out and planned by competent and reliable people with the knowledge, experience and skills to perform the job. Working at height solutions should use the right equipment to ensure job security and safety.

Control Measures

The first things you need to assess when working on height are the risks. The frequency and duration, the condition of the area where work is being performed and the height of the task are three factors you need to weigh in when assessing.

Before you start working at height, you should start the simple steps below:

  • Keep away from work at height solutions where it is rationally practicable to do so
  • When working at height solutions cannot be avoided, make sure to prevent falls using the right type of equipment or an existing area of work that is currently safe
  • Lessen the consequences of a fall and the distance, by utilising the right equipment and tools where risks are unavoidable

For every step, constantly consider measures that can prevent everyone from possible risks (collective protection) previous to measures that can only protect an individual (personal protection).

Personal protection is a tool or equipment that needs the individual to do something to be effective, like properly use of safety harness while collective protection, on the other hand, is the opposite, as the person does not need to do anything to make it work effectively, like temporary or permanent guardrails, tower scaffolds and scissor lifts.

Do’s and don’ts

Below are few of the do’s and don’ts when working at height solutions

  • As much work from the ground
  • Make sure equipment is stable, durable and suitable enough for the job
  • Give protection from any falling objects
  • Take safety measure when working on fragile areas
  • Consider rescue procedures and emergency evacuation
  • Overload ladders – take into consideration the materials or equipment workers are carrying before they work at height. Label the ladders for workers information
  • Overreach on step ladders or ladders
  • Rest the ladder on a weal upper area or surface, like plastic gutters
  • Utilise step ladders or ladders for heavy or strenuous tasks, you are only limited to use them for light jobs of short duration (with maximum limit of 30-45 minutes at a time)
  • Allow anyone not competent (those who does not have the knowledge, skills and experience to do the work)

Prevention is always better than cure, thus it is necessary that before working at height starts, safety measures should be considered first. The risk to face is highly risky up to fatality. Hiring services from professionals are highly recommended to ensure that work will be done rightfully. Do not take the risk of working on it yourself or hiring non-professionals just to cut cost, as that is definitely not a smart idea.

Excavator Tracks for Mining Equipment

Australian Excavator Track Suppliers

The tracks of your excavator have long worn out and you want to replace them with new ones. Most mining and construction work is normally done by excavators and when the excavator does not have proper tracks then the work might be difficult to do.

Here in Australia, there are several e-commerce suppliers that sell different types of excavator tracks and it all depends on what you are looking for. There are more than 5 suppliers distributed in New South Wales and Queensland. Before purchasing a track for your excavator it is crucial to know the basic properties of your excavator’s track, this will help you buy the right tracks.

Some of the machinery stores in Australia offers free delivery within the state where the store is located for every purchase made. The prices are not the same and it depends on which type of track you need and the machinery stores send you a price quotation before purchase.

If you’ll need advice on installation of tracks, most of these suppliers have employees who have many years of skills in machinery, and they will help in whatever kind of questions you ask. These machinery stores have a variety of tracks ranging from rubber to steel. There are those who specifically deal with rubber tracks, and those who deal with both. It is wise to visit some of these excavator track suppliers websites to see which make size and type of excavator track they have.

There are stores that sell used tracks at an affordable price and good condition but you can always get new ones if you don’t like the used ones. The rubber excavator tracks seem to be more expensive than steel and probably it is because the rubber tracks are more convenient than the steel ones.

With rubber tracks, one can always move with ease around the streets or concrete roads without destroying it but with steel tracks destruction is visible and its movement is limited to the work site. Even though the rubber tracks are highly priced they get worn out quicker than the steel tracks.

While you are on purchasing the excavator tracks you might want to consider some few elements. Find a track that is manufactured from natural rubber as these are more flexible and durable. It is cheaper to buy a synthetic rubber track but it tends to wear out easily and it has low flexibility compared to the pure rubber.

It is wise to ask the supplier for reviews from clients who have already purchased the tracks. This will help you know if the tracks are really the best. You should be well equipped on the tracks before you purchase it.

If your excavator had steel tracks and you want to change them to rubber tracks you’ll need to seek advice. Rubber tracks need adjustments while steel doesn’t. It is necessary for you should know when the excavator needs a track replacement. For it to do a good work for you-you need to take good care of it.

As mining is set to peak in 2017/18 with 5.5% growth rate, maintenance of mining equipment is also going to raise and more excavator tracks will wear out quickly and this is good news for those who are in machinery business.

Now that you are informed you can go shop for an excavator track with ease.

Service Bodies for Mining

Things to keep in mind Before Purchasing one for your Vehicle

Choosing a service body for your Ute can be a big hassle. The problem is that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to service bodies. Each Company uses it’s Ute’s according to its needs but when it comes to selecting a service body there are quite a few things which need to be taken into consideration.

Your Ute’s can only be fully functional when you get service bodies which are specially customized to your needs.

Make sure to keep the following factors in mind when selecting a service body for your vehicle. These include:

Canopy of the Service body

You need to be aware of you specific needs. This means why you would be suing the service body and for what purposes. This would help you design a configuration which is best suited for your needs. You need to decide whether you want a full or a part canopy only. Full canopies usually work well, though they cost more too. However using a full canopy ensures that all your gear stays protected despite any kind of weather.  Part canopies simply consist of a service tray and a half canopy for a little bit of protection. If you are usually responsible for transporting regular gear, a part canopy would work just as well.

Safety purposes

Safety for your gear should be the first priority. There are a few things to look for when purchasing a Ute service body. Make sure it has all of the following features.

  • Restraint points which would help tie down any equipment which needs to be transported
  • There should be enough space for load balancing when carrying equipment which is heavier
  • A low center of gravity if necessary as well. When purchasing a service body make sure you mention it and stress on the importance of safety to the supplier

The efficiency of the service body

Finding the right Ute service body can actually help manage your work load is the right manner. It help keep things organised by ensuring the work slows smoothly without any hassle. You need to make sure that you choose a service body which is highly efficient and helps make your work load easier.

The service body manufacturer would make sure that they design it according to your specifications. It should be able to carry out all the work load expected from it. Some services require a five star safety rating. This all should be mentioned before you make a purchase. It should be designed according to the right safety standards plus there should also be a warranty on the protection and safety.

You can be assured that your investment is worth every dollar you spend when the service body is designed according to your requirements. Don’t hesitate in paying extra for added features, it’s only going to get you better returns in the future. Just make sure you purchase the service body from the right manufacturer.


Mining Sound Attenuators

Everything You Need to Know About Sound Attenuators

Have you ever been in a room and the noise from the fans and other equipment makes the room very uncomfortable for you to concentrate? Well, that’s not the case in all offices because some are enhanced by what we call sound attenuators also known as duct silencers, mufflers or sound traps. This equipment is typically designed to reduce the noise that is transmitted right from a certain source to the receiver. They are proven to be very effective in noise reduction. They are usually installed at the intake, at the discharge sides or at the receiver side of the noise generating equipment.

A sound attenuator is essential in absorbing unpleasant sound which is called noise. They have been basically made for purposes of reducing noise in any heating, ventilation and all systems that involve air conditioning. If you want a peaceful and quiet environment serene for meditation and effective office work, you just have no other option than to install sound attenuators. It is usual that a fan produces a lot of noise especially when it is traveling along ventilation ducts which in turn create an uncomfortable nature in your office or house. That’s why you need to employ these duct silencers.

Models of Sound Attenuators

Sound traps come along in different sizes, materials, and shapes. Some of their sizes range from 4, 6, 8, 12 to 16 inches. They come in rectangular and circular shapes. You are supplied this equipment depending on the place of application, that, they are supplied depending on your specification both for commercial and industrial applications.

Sound attenuators most are made from a galvanized sheet of steel and are filled with various materials (mineral fibre) that have the ability to absorb sound. That’s why mostly they are called dissipative silencers. Their inner duct usually comprises a perforated sheet steel/metal which covers the mineral fibre so as to prevent them from being eroded by airflow. There are basically two types of sound attenuators that are commonly used:

  • Rectangular shaped attenuators
  • Round sound attenuators

Rectangular shaped attenuators

They come in 3 basic sizes depending on their heights namely small, medium and large. They operate by keeping the flow of air in close contact with the sound absorbers. The more you increase the length and height of the sound attenuator the more the sound will be attenuated or decreased and the air pressure significantly dropped. Depending on their sizes they have different dynamic insertion loss, self-noise sound power ratings, and airflow performance.

Round sound attenuators

Their outer shell which is galvanized spiral pipe is larger than the inner perforated liner. The centre absorber has a spun metal head that is a cone-shaped tail for purposes of effective attenuation and optimum drop in pressure. These sound or noise attenuators are filled with an insulation of mineral fibre. They come in different diameter sizes and lengths which consequently determine their self-noise sound power, dynamic insertion loss, and their airflow performance.

Benefits of Sound Attenuators

Most of these sound attenuators are used in the ducting phase of an air conditioning system. They are basically used to decrease the sound waves intensity using the fibre materials stocked in them. They reduce the amplitude without affecting the waveform of the signal.

It is usual that air conditioners produce a lot of noise and that’s where attenuators come in to minimize it without affecting the space around. In addition, they are used as silencers for various blowers and fans. They are also used in cooling towers to reduce that high sound produced by those large machines.

If you are looking for a cool working environment then you should install a sound attenuator.

Why Do We Mine?

What are the reasons for why humans mine minerals?

Why do we mine? Have you ever wondered why countries devote a lot of investment and resources into mining minerals? In Australia alone, the mining industry counts for a significant portion of economic activity. Around 138 billion dollars per year is generated by the Australian mining industry. That is around more than twice than agriculture or tourism will contribute the Australian economy per year. But aside from the economics of mineral extraction, there are a lot of more reasons why Australia and many other countries in the world continue to mine precious metals and minerals from the earth. Here is why mining is such a prevalent industry.

Our electronics and goods need minerals

You are probably reading this article on an electronic device, such as a mobile smartphone or a PC. And those electronic devices need certain minerals to function. Those minerals such as gold, lead, gallium, cobalt, etc. are all needed in the batteries, circuits, and other components of your electronic devices. Modern society and a lot of what we depend on as humans rely on the minerals that are extracted through mining. Just take a look at the various goods that you have around your homes, such as your clothes, car, appliances, and even some certain foods. Production of those goods would not be possible without gaining the raw materials needed to create them.

Mining provides building materials

Most buildings, especially those huge skyscrapers that you see in cities, need the raw materials from the mining industry. Take for example a high-rise building. These kinds of buildings need a steel frame, and steel is processed from iron, which is an ore that is mined in many places around Australia. Even your residential building probably has got raw building materials that were taken from mines. Concrete, stone and other kinds of building materials all need to be mined and extracted from the ground. So without mining resources from the earth, the only practical building materials that we would have would be wood.

It generates jobs

The mining industry in Australia is a huge business. And because it is so big, there are so many jobs that it generates as well. Skilled labor is always needed within the mining industry. Miners, engineers, geologists, are just some of the jobs that people work in the mining industry. And mining is a lucrative business, meaning that people can get good jobs if they work in the mining industry. Without the presence of the mining industry, thousands of people could potentially lose their job. So it is good for economic stability and employment that the mining industry is there.

So as you can see, there are a lot of reasons for why mining is so important for any country. There are so many benefits to be gained from mining. And while there are certain pitfalls to mining, such as environmental degradation, those pitfalls, and negative side effects can be averted, if proper procedures and care are followed. It more than worth it to mine resources from the earth. After all, modern life would not be possible without mining. Human infrastructure and modern society are built on the resources that we have gained from mining.